Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Pyx (1973) - Pyx Styx

Pyx Styx - a companion food idea for The Pyx (1973), directed by Harvey Hart, reviewed here by the amazing movie review site Outpost Zeta.

Food doesn't figure prominently into the story of The Pyx but with a title like that, during the 31 Days of Halloween, how could we resist making some homemade Pixie Stix--errrr, Pyx Styx?

It's super easy. For a batch of 8 Pyx Styx, all you need is a packet of regular (unsweetened) Kool-Aid, sugar, paper, and tape. In a small dry bowl, mix the powdered Kool-Aid and 1/2 cup of sugar until evenly mixed.

Roll up the paper into a narrow cone or tube, fold one end over, and tape it securely. Pour about 1 TBS of the pyx myx into the open end. (Trick: use a creased piece of paper to act as a funnel.) Fold over the open end and tape it shut. That's it!

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