Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Cat People (1982) - Black Cat Oreos

"Graphic where the original is suggestive, the 1982 Cat People is a good example of how to do a remake correctly," says Outpost Zeta. The film stars big names Natassja Kinski and Malcom MacDowell.

For day 18 of our 31 Days of Halloween, what could be cuter, or easier, than a plate full of black cats? Today, we're pointing you toward these adorably decorated Oreos, created and photographed by Norene Cox, of PartyPinching.com.

Oreos are vegetarian and ingredients are vegan, though the factory advises they come into cross-contact with milk.

Check the ingredients on whatever candies and frosting you choose to decorate the Oreos as sometimes frosting contains gelatin.

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