Saturday, October 8, 2016

Blue Sunshine (1978) - Blue Sunshine Nachos

Day 8 of our 31 Days of Halloween with Outpost Zeta brings us Blue Sunshine (1978), directed by Jeff Lieberman. Check out the movie review on Outpost Zeta:"Blue Sunshine" is a formulation of LSD that acts as a sleeper: a decade after using it, "seemingly normal people are becoming hairless psychopaths."

I'm not sure you'd qualify these as nachos because it's so far removed from the classic snack - but they are rich, super-savory, and unusual. They're easily an entree by themselves.

Here, we start with Target's Simply Balanced organic blue corn & flax seed chips. They're a nice, crisp treat on their own - a little nutty, not too salty - but to make them "blue" we've put them on a wild trip, topping them with blue cheese (a little goes a long way here, so go easy), walnuts, onions, and (for the sunshiney bits) roasted sweet potatoes.

Start off by making small dice from one sweet potato; toss it with a little olive oil and a teaspoon of lemon or orange juice if you have it, and broil it until starting to brown.

While they're getting roasty, lay out the chips on an oven-proof plate, and top them with the other ingredients, adding the sweet potatoes when they're done. Turn the oven down to 350F and then pop the topped chips into the oven for about 5 minutes.

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