Saturday, May 21, 2011

Maggie's Vegetarian Cafe, Lincoln, NE

I had occasion to travel to Lincoln, NE, today to drop my daughter off with her father. (Must confess it isn't my favorite reason to travel, but I mitigated it somewhat by turning it into a ReallyQuiteTasty roadtrip.) I tried out's mobile app to maneuver my way to Maggie's Vegetarian Cafe. Maggie's features a small menu of wraps, soups, salads, and select entrees with an emphasis on local/seasonal foods.

First, I was surprised at how small the indoor seating area was, but it had a cheery shade of green on the walls and was attractive while avoiding being either overly kitchy or hipsterish. My friend and I ordered at the window and then sat down. (Be prepared - Maggie's does not accept credit/debit/atm cards.)

I really wish the person behind the counter would have smiled. She seemed bored.

The food was fine - not amazing, but certainly sufficient. I had the Un-Fried Falafel wrap. (There are three other vegan wraps on the menu, including Curried Tofu, Baked Tofu, and Spicy Hummus.) The falafel was tangy and seasoned nicely and I couldn't find any fault with it (nor anything that made it stand out). I did appreciate that it wasn't oily or greasy at all, so I liked the un-fried-ness of it.

My friend ordered a garden salad with toasted sesame dressing, hold the onions and tomatoes (heresy, I say!). Though my friend likes sesame, he said the dressing on the salad was overwhelming. However, I really like sesame and enjoyed the dressing quite a bit - it's a matter of taste, I suppose.

For my almost-kindergartener daughter, I ordered the peanut butter/banana smoothie. The flavors were distinct (yup, definitely peanut butter and banana), the consistency was good, and I appreciated that it wasn't overly sweet. My daughter, who lives on sunlight and carrots, pronounced that it was OK. That's pretty high praise from her!

Something I enjoyed were the posters showing the producers/growers/artisan suppliers - nice touch. Overall, a nice experience and I'm sure I will return again... but not before checking out other vegetarian/veg-friendly spots.

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