Thursday, September 8, 2011

Trader Joe's Creamy Polenta...

 ...with spinach and carrots...

Cover with wrap, nuke, and serve? Gotta try that.

When I opened the package, I wasn't prepared to see little muffin-looking things amid crumbles of frozen spinach. I thought there must be a mistake - that didn't even remotely resemble the photo on the package. Not even close. But I took about a third of the package (three servings per package) and put it in a glass bowl, covered it with wrap, and microwaved it. The microwave instructions suggested 5-6 minutes, but I checked it after 3 minutes, and was glad I did... what emerged had miraculously transformed from muffin-looking things into... well, something resembling cheesy polenta.

I had to let it cool a bit before tasting. Not bad... creamy and subtle, not over-seasoned. Would it be wrong to suggest adding curry or garam masala? Nomnomnom.

  • Easiness factor: 9/10. (You do have to cover it with wrap.)
  • Taste factor: 6/10. Nothing wrong with it at all. It was just fine.
  • Cost factor: $2.99 ($1 per serving)
  • Would I buy it again? Sure... though polenta isn't difficult to make anyway. But it's great when I'm feeling Really Quite Lazy!

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