Friday, October 21, 2011

Do You Do Tofu?

You don't really need a recipe for a tofu scramble. You can use either water-packed or silken tofu. The trick is to start the tofu first, and let it cook for five to ten minutes (or longer) before adding vegetablesThis one trick improved my scrambles vastly! It's not that the tofu needs time to "cook" as much as it needs time to lose moisture and firm up - especially if you use silken tofu. That's the trick to getting a good scramble texture. Then, I add my veggies and seasonings and let it continue to cook until the veggies are tender-crisp.

Tofu scrambles are one of the most basic veg*n dishes, but I'm surprised how many vegetarians confess they have never made their own.

Aside from tofu, here's what I added to this scramble:
  • broccoli, cut into fine florets
  • yellow onion
  • white mushroom
  • carrot shreds
  • nutritional yeast - about 2-3 TBS. This is my one "must have" ingredient, because it adds so much flavor! I add it at the end, just a minute or so prior to serving.
  • a good dash of soy sauce (actually, it was Bragg's Liquid Aminos) just before taking it off the heat
  • seasoned salt, granulated garlic, and a very small dash of dried dill weed
Here's a great how-to video, and where I learned the importance of letting the tofu cook for some time in the pan first. (I use much less oil than she does, by the way.)

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